Popcorn Coupons

A new day is dawning. A transition is occurring. And this great shift is occurring in appetizers. Some people don't understand popcorn. They really don't. They think they do though. This crowd of cronies believes that popcorn is for the movies; they think it's for the show. Well, it's time for this attitude to jump to the side of the stage because a new one just strolled on and it’s yelling this: popcorn is for parties! Popcorn parties are literally popping up all over. Well, technically it's not a popcorn party, but these are parties where popcorn is the primary snack served. In these instances, it's crucial not to pay full price so use popcorn coupons when shopping.

Popcorn isn't a one-trick pony. There's definitely more to popcorn than a sprinkle of salt and a few drops of melted butter. These days, new varieties and flavors of popcorn are springing up like flowers after a cold winter. You'll find that many of the flavors that are gaining traction are ones that were just adopted from other desserts.
Marshmallow popcorn? Yes, it is really happening. This is a popular dish anywhere that sugar is eaten by the spoonful. If you love marshmallows in your cereal, then it's a lock that you'll love them in your popcorn. For fluffy white little cylinders, marshmallows aren't as cheap as you think. Add that to the price of popcorn and you might need to start pitching your pennies. Make sure to get your popcorn coupons to simplify the buying process. Since the beginning of time, the salty vs. sweet controversy has taken place in many homes, kitchens, bakeries, cafeterias, boxing rings, and baseball games. The time has now come where the topic salty vs. sweet popcorn has entered the arena.
But just like any competition, you need to know the competitors before you can believe you know who will succeed. Ladies and Gentlemen, your competitors:

  • SPICY POPCORN: This is just what you imagined. Chile powder is smothered all over these kernels.

  • CARMEL AND PEANUT: You put peanuts in the popcorn. Then you do some drizzling with the caramel. Say hello to cavities after a few bites of this one.

  • CHEESY POPCORN: This is easily one of my favorites. Maybe it's because my ancestors are from France, but eating this is just like walking down a street in Europe: always enchanting.

  • CARMEL CORN MIX: This is just what it sounds like. A little caramel + a little corn. Enjoy!

  • FALL POPCORN: The title to this one is a little deceiving. This fantastic fall flavor, which can be made year round might I add, includes almonds, dried fruit, and--this is the deal breaker-- pumpkin pie spice.

  • PEPPERMINT POPCORN: It's like Christmas came to popcorn and said, "We should try dating year round." The result is tasty little pieces of pepperemnt crumbled on sweet popcorn that is smothered in a light peppermint sauce.

  • FRUIT AND NUT: The Cadbury chocolate company makes a chocolate just like this. We figured fruit might also be entertaining. After eating this we discovered this awesome truth: what works for chocolate often works for popcorn.

You might not want to try all those flavors. But if you are adventurous you will. Use popcorn coupons when you buy so you save on the price. Just like most foods, popcorn does have a coupon called popcorn coupons. They’re great. They save you money and when you use popcorn coupons, you can be sampling the night away on snacks like peppermint popcorn and caramel corn mix popcorn.
Popcorn might be the flavor of the week. But from now on, don't you ever let anyone have you believe that popcorn only belongs with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of melted butter.