Poppycock Coupons

Popcorn can be very indulging especially if they are available in different varieties and flavors. These lip smacking snacks provide a filling and appetizing experience. Poppycock popcorns are crunchy and every popcorn lover’s delight. These popcorns are distinct from other brands as they are a mix of confectionery products, tree nuts and corns. It is a perfect blend of premium nuts such as cashews and almonds and fluffy popcorns with the glaze of chocolate and butter. Caramel covered popcorns with nuts are the specialty of Poppycock. It has so catchy taste that it is impossible to stop eating it unless the pack is completely empty.

The packaging is very attractive with resalable bags and cans and can even be used as gifts to friends and family. Poppycock is a famous popcorn brand of Candied Popcorn. These timeless popcorns are now a proud part of the ConAgra Foods which is one of the top quality brands. It is a light weight, low diet snack with 0 gram or no trans fat. It has maintained its quality standards for past 40 years and is still the nuttiest gourmet popcorn treat. Flavors include Chocolate Lovers, Pecan Delight, Original and Cashew Lovers.

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