Weaver Popcorn Company Coupons

Weaver Popcorn Company is known for their specialty quality popcorn and is judged to be one of the prime popcorn company manufacturers in USA. This American company has been serving the residents to tasty and quality popcorns since 1928. Weaver Popcorn coupons and all Popcorn Coupons are the best means to save on your bills while munching away these crispy snacks.

Weaver Popcorn specialty microwave friendly popcorn range includes flavors like butter, light butter and extra butter. For those customers with a sweet bud there is the sweet and caramel flavor, almond and weaver gold. Weaver popcorn for the microwave does not contain any Diacetyl component, considered to be hazardous to health, in them.

Weaver popcorn products are also manufactured and distributed under the brand name Trail’s end. This was invented for a fund raising event in America. You can find interesting flavors like caramel corn, candy cane, unbelievable butter, cashews and peacans, chocolate cheese, cheese tin, light butter toffee, 3-way tin and cheese.

This website is the best site where a customer can find all kinds of discounts and varied forms of printable coupons for weaver popcorn bags. The secret behind their soft and fluffy popcorn is that the corns, which go in to the making of these popcorn bags, are being grown by the company at their own farmlands in Argentina and U.S. When it comes to production, they are ranked second in the world, after ConAgra foods, and contribute to 30% of the world’s popcorn production.

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Weaver Company’s new line of microwavable popcorn is their gold line that uses olive oil for processing their corns. You have two distinct and tingling flavors for your taste buds in this range – the parmesan cheese with herbs in Italian style and the theatre butter flavor.

Usage of olive oil has made these flavors healthier than the existing ones. This is because the saturated fat content in olive oil is very less and adds on to the health value of a consumer.
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